Co-op/Internships and Summer Research Opportunities for 2014 in Biomedical Research and for Pre-Medical Studies Students. To see a list of opportunities that meet any of the following criteria - 1. biomedical research, 2. located in a medical or clinical setting, 3. located in a medical school or health science center, 4. has "biomedical" as a descriptor, 5. may be of particular interest to pre-med students, click here.



Below are few local internships not listed in the website above:



Stanford Summer Health Careers Opportunity Program - a six-week academically intensive residential program that provides a living and learning community for talented college sophomores and juniors who plan to pursue a career in medicine (Sophmores and Juniors) Click here.


UC Davis Pre-Medical Surgical Internship Mentorship, and Research Program - a unique and rigorous experience that exposes participants to the field of surgery by immersing them in a professional medical environment. Click here.


Inside UCSF- an annual outreach program geared towards students at two- and four-year degree schools who are interested in pursuing careers in health and science. The two-day program, April 25-26, 2014, consists of UCSF student panels, interactive workshops and an opportunity to meet with University faculty and staff. Click here.


Doctors on Board Program - an innovative and exciting opportunity for African American/Black students who are post-baccalaureate, pre-meds, college/university students, community college students, high seniors or juniors interested in becoming physicians to experience a rare snapshot of what it takes to become a physician or pharmacists. Click here.


Here is a great place to start volunteering, however there are various hospitals and clinics in which volunteering opportunities are available.


Kaiser Permanente - At Kaiser Permanente, we believe health isn't an industry - it's a cause. And there's no better feeling in the world than pitching in for a worthwhile cause. By volunteering, you can add to the quality of our members' lives-- and the quality of your life, too. Click here.


Santa Clara Valley Medical Center - Volunteers at SCVMC are part of a positive team who make patients their top priority. Click here.


Regional Medical Center of San Jose - Regional Medical Center of San Jose welcomes and values volunteers who come to the hospital each day. These are the volunteers who give their time, patience, talent, and smiles to employees, patients and visitors for the sheer joy of helping others. Click here.